Use joystick to move around


Use W A S D to to move around


When you are not moving, speed decreases sharply and after a while spinner will stop

When you draw circles on the ground, speed increases noticeably

When you stay over a ice piece [nearly 2-3 seconds] ice will break

Aim of the game is finding treasure chests [They are under or above the ice pieces]

[Programs and Other Things]

Programs: Unity, Blender ve Figma

To implement the Joystick the asset below, is used


[Feature Plans]

When we have more time, we will update this game : 

- New Spinners

- New Platforms

- New Visual Effects

- UI Improvements

- Easier Control Mechanism

[To  Everyone]

Any feedback, idea or advice is appreciated

Feel free to comment your thoughts

And thank you for playing our game


- 30.03.2021 : Speed Meter and Keyboard Controls added


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652! Is that a new record?

I should have played the beyblade opening theme like I played, it was fun!

Thank youuu :D,  it is a new record, congratssss